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NGFS continuously updates their scenarios to stay up to date with the latest climate and regulatory information. We have updated our implementation of the NGFS scenarios and can now apply these 7 NGFS scenarios and 3 IPCC scenarios to calculate climate risk on any of our supported asset classes.

NGFS Phase 4 Scenarios integrated for all asset classes

29 Mar 2024

New data release with enhanced accuracy and coverage. Key improvements include resolving BHP's dual listing bug, adding Scope 3 verification from top 200 public companies, refining predictions with better historical data use, updating meta-models, and focusing Scope 3 models on post-2019 data. Resulting in a ~2% improvement in Scopes 1 and 2 accuracy, minor enhancement in Scope 3, and expanded coverage to 5,460 companies in 2023.

New Data Release for Emmi App and Emissions Model Improvements

9 Feb 2024

Enhances accessibility and usability, allowing any team member to process data without data engineers, shifts to a Vue application for a better interface and integrates a fully configured API.

Internal Tool Development - Carbon Diagnostics Automation Phase II

31 Jan 2024

Our platform now consolidates companies with multiple share classes into a single entity profile, removing duplicate identifiers for streamlined portfolio analysis.

Unified Treatment for Non-Primary Listings

5 Dec 2023

Upgraded machine learning module with reported emissions for top 100 private companies globally, refined tiered-approach for improved uncertainty limits, established a data quality hierarchy, and evaluated models against independent emissions data, including advanced financial imputation techniques.

Private Equity Emissions Modelling Improvements

1 Dec 2023

Enhances Carbon Diagnostics by integrating carbon credits into portfolio analysis, offering a nuanced view of their impact on emissions, temperature alignment, and potential carbon liability.

Carbon Credits Holdings Product Extension

17 Nov 2023

A new tool offering in-depth decarbonisation and climate transition risk assessments for any company. Features include emissions factor insights, comprehensive risk analysis, peer comparison, emissions target tracking, climate scenario analysis, and Value-at-Risk calculations.

Company Transition Pathway Analysis Product Launch

30 Oct 2023

Introduces an internal Multi Asset Portfolio analysis infrastructure with a user-friendly Streamlit UI, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in Carbon Diagnostics across various asset classes.

Internal Tool Development - Carbon Diagnostics Automation Phase I

16 Oct 2023

The platform update includes an expanded universe of 46,000 public companies for 2022 and tweaks in modelling that impact Scope 1, 2, and 3 estimates. Use of historical data is improved for model stability. Changes are less pronounced for the ASX300 portfolio.

Emissions and Algorithm Update: September 2023

5 Sept 2023

Before this update, customers would have coverage gaps as a result of ISINs not finding their corresponding companies. These changes improve both the coverage and quality of carbon calculations within our customers' portfolios.

Better ISIN Coverage & Accuracy

25 Aug 2023

Assets Under Management (AUM) amount is now directly associated with each fund. This major update alleviates the unnecessary hassle of switching between funds and updating the AUM to get accurate financed emissions data.

AUM now Attached to Each Fund

28 June 2023

As a follow-up from recent updates to the temperature alignment methodology, we have made some minor improvements to the Potential Carbon Liability modelling in the Emmi methodology.

Updates to Potential Carbon Liability Algorithm

2 June 2023

Emmi products change log

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