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The Emmi Difference

Better Data
We use deep data science and the latest machine learning models to create a world first carbon emission validation and prediction of Scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions of any listed company.  Trust and uncertainty is core to understanding risk, giving our clients global coverage and the confidence to make decisions.
Better Metrics
Traditional carbon financial metrics like carbon intensity of revenue are insufficient to assess carbon risk. We have built a world-first global carbon efficiency rating that combines 12 financial metrics to give clients a deeper understanding of carbon risk at the company or portfolio level.
Better Insights
The carbon transition is not binary. Emmi provides data-driven quantitative insights that allow clients to understand their risk across companies, portfolios and Fund of Funds but also identify investment opportunities under a carbon-constrained economy.
Better Integration
We have built all the tools and infrastructure needed to seamlessly integrate into equity investment decision making. From securities to investment funds to asset owner Funds of Funds, we allow insights to be embedded into decision making workflows.


Identify carbon risk for any company or portfolio 



Understand the drivers of risk and your relative market position


Build your own solutions to profitably transition to net-zero
Better data built for investors

Carbon mapping tool that covers the global market

The starting point for any portfolio are timely, trusted carbon emissions for companies with global coverage. Using unique predictive carbon models, we cover +42k companies, including Scope 3 emissions.

Understand carbon exposure of your underlying companies both now and into the future.

Draw on our data-driven intelligence

Emmi's Global Carbon Efficiency Rating

To understand the carbon exposure of a portfolio, investors need access to carbon adjusted financial metrics at an individual company level.

Emmi’s Global Carbon Efficiency Rating (GCER) integrates emissions with finance fundamentals, giving complete understanding of the financial loss and opportunity under different climate scenarios, now and into the future.

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Build your portfolio intelligence

Carbon Intelligence

Build your portfolio intelligence via our self-service platform for understanding and quantifying your investment exposure to a carbon-constrained world. 



Quantify Risk

Carbon Snapshot

Carbon Snapshot quantifies your carbon exposure in terms you as an investor can understand.

Evaluate Drivers of Risk

Carbon Insights

Carbon Insights allows you to perform attribution and contribution analysis of your carbon risk, to understand the granular drivers of your exposure.

Benchmark Risk

Carbon Benchmarking

Carbon Benchmarking enables you to see how investment decisions influence the magnitude and configuration of carbon exposure relative to peers and benchmarks.

What some of our clients are saying

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My portfolio is a fund of fund structure. When it comes to managing the financial risk of climate change and measuring carbon risk, I need to drill down to both managers’ portfolios and the company level. EMMI has given me the visibility I need and shows me where to focus my attention in my portfolio as well as helping me to have educated conversations with my managers.

Fiona Mann

ESG Analyst, Energy Super

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The team at EMMI have from our first interaction bent over backwards to meet our particular needs.  The product they offer is incredibly helpful to us on two fronts.  Firstly, EMMI provides us with a metric that helps us identify and monitor the carbon risk in our portfolio.  Secondly, it highlights high carbon risk companies in our portfolios about which we can have robust discussions with our fund managers. A great product!

Sean Henagan

CIO, Aurora Capital

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We have enjoyed our time collaborating with the team at Emmi. Emmi provides us with a robust tool to assess the carbon risk of our investment portfolio. The purpose of the tool is to identify areas of high carbon risk and where we align with various carbon reduction scenarios.

Emilie O’Neill

Co-Head of ESG & Equities Analyst, Perennial Partners

Is your portfolio a carbon risk?

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