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Latest News

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10 Dec 2021

Big super turns to ‘the Excel of carbon’

Coined the 'Excel for Carbon', Emmi's CEO Michael Lebbon provides a history of Emmi and why we exist.

Investor Strategy

20 May 2022

$480b of ASX 300 value on the line as carbon challenge mounts

Emmi's CEO Michael Lebbon provides our analysis of the ASX300 footprint and exposure when including Scope 3 emissions.


10 Aug 2022

Companies encouraged to review ASIC’s greenwashing guidance

Emmi's CEO Michael Lebbon weighs in on the importance for investors to verify company carbon transition plans using data.

Investor Daily

12 Sept 2022

Billion-dollar blowout looms over bank carbon bills

Emmi's co-founder Dr Ben McNeil provides coverage on banks financed emissions estimates and their liabilities in a net-zero world.


Case Study: Spirit Super

Spirit Super was confident in their commitments to carbon emissions reductions, but needed clear analysis to enable a detailed, high conviction plan for specific actions to reach their stated targets.

With Emmi, they achieved 90% portfolio coverage for analysis, a clear understanding of their financed emissions, and can pinpoint where their portfolio has outsized exposure and risk. They are now equipped with the tools to make specific action plans.

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