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Carbon Diagnostics

Go beyond carbon footprint

Carbon Diagnostics covers your investment and lending portfolios, spanning all major asset classes, and using the best data available.

We provide you with all the tools needed to be successful:

Data downloads and API integration to integrate with your own systems 

Toolkits and templates to explain your results in simple to understand language

Hands on support and education through the whole journey 

Calculate the gap between your portfolio's current carbon trajectory and what is needed to achieve net zero.

Then understand the reasons why. 

Evaluate how your current portfolio differs from a 1.5 and 2 degree aligned trajectory, reflecting your net zero misalignment.

Go one layer deeper to conduct an initial attribution analysis to evaluate the key drivers of that carbon exposure.

Quantify the cost of this misalignment as a dollar liability figure that can be measured, managed and monitored over time.

Carbon Diagnostics is the first step.

Why Emmi?


We acknowledge the current data challenges in the market. Bring the portfolio data you can get access to, and we’ll provide an estimate with clear explanations. We enrich data from our own sources where possible, and work with as little as three data points for some asset classes.


We have the broadest portfolio coverage on the market. All major asset classes available, including public and private equities, real assets and governments.

Insights, not opinions.

We are completely transparent with our methodology so you can fully understand how your liability is calculated and the implications of our assumptions, and can speak confidently on these results with your stakeholders.


Instant assessment of alignment with net zero goals

Align with regulation while focussing on value creation

Tangible exposure and $ liability number to start to action

All the information you need to communicate your progress to clients, stakeholders and regulators

Clarity on the journey ahead and work to be done

Key milestones

1. Financed Emissions 

We provide you with a bird’s eye view of your total portfolio carbon exposure, working with the data you have.

So you get financed emissions data that accurately yet pragmatically reflects your true exposure, across all major asset classes.

2. Temperature Misalignment

We evaluate how your carbon exposure translates into a current and future temperature alignment, and evaluate how far you are from a net zero world.

So you get a clear understanding of your deviation from a net zero world, and the magnitude of work required to align with it.

3. Carbon Liability

We translate your temperature misalignment into a forward looking financial liability, and evaluate how much you could stand to lose as carbon constraints become enforced.

So you get a specific $ cost number that you can manage, and link back to financial returns.

4. Drivers

We break down the drivers of your misalignment and liabilities, to understand where action could occur or start to rationalise exposures.

So you can optimise your resources by focussing your time and effort on the biggest drivers of exposure and risk.

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