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Carbon Diagnostics

Prepare for carbon pricing today

Carbon Diagnostics outcomes

Financed emissions 

Understand the emissions resulting from investments across your portfolio

Temperature alignment

Understand how your portfolio aligns with different temperature scenarios

Carbon Liability in financial terms

Understand the potential value erosion from priced emissions

Key drivers

Understand the assets creating outsized impact on emissions or risk, and go deeper to understand why

Carbon pricing is an elegant mechanism to reflect a dollar-value risk associated with the transition to a zero carbon economy. 


We take financial data from assets as inputs, use Machine Learning to estimate emissions, and use algorithms to explore the impacts of alternative carbon pricing scenarios.

The result is purpose-built toolkits for specific use-cases, in ready-to-use formats. 80% of your problem, solved. 

Read more about our methodology to better understand the steps involved to reach that outcome.

Emmi believes a carbon price is the simplest mechanism to reflect a dollar-value risk associated with the transition to a zero carbon economy. As such, our methodology is entirely premised on carbon being given a price, and seeing how much of an asset’s value erodes as a result.

Read more about our methodology to better understand the steps involved to reach that outcome. 

 .Solve multiple problems at once

Align with regulation (TCFD and others)

Net Zero alignment, reporting and conviction

Protect against potential value loss

Identify investment opportunities

Defend against greenwashing claims

Our Solutions

Discover how Emmi can serve any institutional investor

Assess and plan for net-zero targets with your IC, manage your regulatory requirements, and identify key areas of risk or value creation to protect long term portfolio performance.

Emmi For Asset Owners

Coverage that gives you confidence in your climate ambitions

Protect against losses, identify opportunities for value and deep-dive into key risk drivers. Align with the climate strategies your clients aspire to, and report with conviction. 

Emmi For Asset Managers

Tools to manage the carbon transition risk of your funds

Access to the data you need to build evidence-based climate strategies. Provide the data to defend against greenwashing claims, manage portfolio risk and identify areas for value creation.

Emmi For Asset Consultants

Add "world-class transition risk" to your service offerings

Case Study: Spirit Super

Spirit Super was confident in their commitments to carbon emissions reductions, but needed clear analysis to enable a detailed, high conviction plan for specific actions to reach their stated targets.

With Emmi, they achieved 90% portfolio coverage for analysis, a clear understanding of their financed emissions, and can pinpoint where their portfolio has outsized exposure and risk. They are now equipped with the tools to make specific action plans.

Prepare for carbon pricing today

It is only a matter of time until carbon is priced, putting the value of your portfolio or assets at risk.

Carbon Diagnostics gives you a total portfolio view of your financed emissions, then models external factors such as timing, budgets, and carbon price to evaluate the potential impact of carbon across your portfolio.

With broad coverage of asset classes, Emmi can provide in-depth analysis to suit a range of use cases. We highlight key risk drivers and potential value at risk, giving you the insights and confidence you need to make decisions.

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