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Want to solve the world’s biggest problem and have fun in the process?
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Why Emmi?

We believe that Emmi is the future. Not only because what we are doing is innovative and forward thinking but because the work we do is contributing to ensuring a future for everyone on the planet.
We’re the perfect company for anyone who wants to apply their skillsets in new ways to solve old problems. We look for the hungry not the proven, that care deeply about the work we do and solutions we provide to our clients.
The work culture at Emmi is incredible, we have a passionate team of talented and fun people who embrace radical candour, vulnerability, and collaboration.

I joined Emmi after spending two years in management consulting. My main reasons were wanting to focus my time on tackling climate change and learning more about how we can use finance to shape a better world. Emmi was the perfect opportunity for me to take the leap into an incredibly impactful but nascent field, in a structured way and with a great team.

I first joined Emmi to pursue a career that felt both meaningful and impactful. I have since stayed at the company because I relish the opportunity to work on a team of incredibly smart people facing incredibly interesting challenges. It has been an absolute pleasure working to solve climate change with such a tight-knit team of like-minded individuals!

Climate change is a global problem. I joined Emmi to be a part of the global solution.
mandy matty harrison adam
Mandy Nguyen, Customer Success
Matthew Flower, Engagement & Analytics
Harrison Greven, Data & Development
Adam Kitto, Data & Product

Job Openings

If you are interested in joining the Emmi team but do not feel that you are suited to any of the roles below, we'd love to hear from you.

We're committed to diversity & inclusion.

We can’t change the world if we don’t acknowledge the issues that got us to this point. To do that we need a workforce that’s representative and we need to accept the hidden impacts from the way our systems have run in the past – including hiring.

We celebrate multiple approaches and points of view; we are committed to allowing everyone to bring their full self to work 100% of time. We only realise a proportion of people’s capability when they must hide their light and their strengths. So, we’re building a culture that celebrates our differences and uniqueness, and drive lively challenge and debate so we all learn and grow together.

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