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Coverage that gives you confidence in your climate ambitions

Case Study: Spirit Super

Spirit Super was confident in their commitments to carbon emissions reductions, but needed clear analysis to enable a detailed, high conviction plan for specific actions to reach their stated targets.

With Emmi, they achieved 90% portfolio coverage for analysis, a clear understanding of their financed emissions, and can pinpoint where their portfolio has outsized exposure and risk. They are now equipped with the tools to make specific action plans.

Carbon Diagnostics


  • High quality and current emissions estimates across all asset classes gives you the strongest possible foundation to start your risk analysis.

  • Determine the potential carbon liability for every portfolio or asset. Then model alternative scenarios, so you can see how each scenario impacts financial risk and value erosion or creation.

  • Carbon Diagnostics delivers the data, scenario modelling and risk analysis you need to set your climate strategy and manage your regulatory reporting requirements.

Make reporting and acting on climate goals easy. With Carbon Diagnostics, we provide presentation-ready insights. Purpose built toolkits for key use-cases help take the effort out of translating mountains of data into simple to understand insights.

  • Our toolkits provide the quantitative backbone of your TCFD and other disclosure requirements easily and quickly. We give you the carbon data and analytics you need to manage complicated reporting requirements.

  • Our broad analysis can help you plan to achieve your Net Zero alignment, and understand where your effort is best spent. You'll be able to report transparently on carbon emissions, and communicate with conviction to your stakeholders.

  • The level of analysis achieved with Carbon Diagnostics means you'll be able to defend against greenwashing claims. You'll be able to demonstrate a genuine effort to assess and disclose the environmental impact of your investments, increasing transparency and trust among stakeholders.

  • With our analysis, you'll be able to protect against value loss by identifying and mitigating potential financial impacts driven by carbon-intensive assets, ensuring the preservation and long-term stability of investment portfolios.

  • Identify investment opportunities created by the transition towards a low-carbon economy and potentially generate attractive returns.

Prepare for net zero today


Pragmatism is in our DNA

We believe progress is better than perfection. We work within constraints to provide the best results possible. We provide the flexibility you need to make getting started an easy choice. We provide high quality results with as little as four data points for some asset classes.

Financed emissions across six asset classes

Emmi has data for more than 50,000 public securities, and with Machine Learning, we give you financed emissions estimates across all major asset classes.

Emmi provides the broadest portfolio coverage on the market, with public and private equities, real assets and governments.

We deliver insights, not opinions

We are transparent with our methodology, so you can trust how your liability is calculated and the implications that result from our assumptions.  This gives you the courage to speak confidently to your results with stakeholders, ready to answer tough questions.

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