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NGFS Phase 4 Scenarios integrated for all asset classes

NGFS continuously updates their scenarios to stay up to date with the latest climate and regulatory information. We have updated our implementation of the NGFS scenarios and can now apply these 7 NGFS scenarios and 3 IPCC scenarios to calculate climate risk on any of our supported asset classes, including Public Equity, Infrastructure, Property and Fixed income as summarised in our recent blog post. These scenarios can also be split into industry specific versions (Industry, Transportation, Energy Supply, Residential and Commercial Buildings & Services) and applied to the relevant GICS sectors or industries using our proprietary mapping.

Benefits to users:

  • Emmi now provides 10 industry standard climate scenario options to calculate risk across all asset classes

  • The 7 NGFS scenarios come with the option of industry breakdowns

  • These climate scenarios allow the risk analysis across a robust range of economic futures.

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