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Carbon Intelligence App user experience updates

We have published a number of changes to better align the Carbon Intelligence app with Carbon Diagnostics terminology and offering. These include:

  1. Remove 4˚ World Option: The option to pick a 4˚ world has been deleted from the platform as we see no value in providing in-depth analysis on a "take no action" climate scenario.

  2. Company Subnav Renamed:

    Subnav under Companies has been renamed as follows: Overview | Footprint | Temperature Alignment | Liability (previously Overview | Footprint | Reductions | Exposure).

  3. Companies Listing Page Update

    1. Removed the “reductions” column.

    2. Added the temperature alignment figure prominently.

  4. Fund Subnav Renamed:

    1. Subnav under Funds has been renamed as follows: Holdings | Footprint | Temperature Alignment | Liability | Hotspots (previously Holdings | Footprint | Reductions | Exposure | Insights).

  5. Removed Snapshots page from Funds, redistributing relevant content to other tabs.

  6. Removed Summary page from Funds, redisributing relevant content to other tabs.

  7. Removed GCER:

    Both company and fund level GCER has been deleted from the platform; we recommend temperature alignment and Potential Carbon Liability (PCL) as more concrete and immediately recognisable measures of a company or fund's performance on Carbon Emissions.

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