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AUM now Attached to Each Fund

We've been listening to your feedback and we're excited to announce that the Assets Under Management (AUM) amount is now directly associated with each fund. This major update alleviates the unnecessary hassle of switching between funds and updating the AUM to get accurate financed emissions data.

In the past, managing AUM on a user level caused complications when navigating between funds. With this improvement, you'll find that handling multiple funds feels more intuitive and streamlined.

What the changes mean for you:

  • AUM Reset: All funds have had their AUM set to 100M as a starting point. If you're managing existing funds, you'll need to update the AUM according to your records.

  • Update AUM: To update the AUM for a fund, navigate to the fund’s page → click on 'Manage' (the gear icon) → update the AUM amount → click ‘save’.

  • Creating New Funds: If you are building or uploading a new fund, ensure to set the correct AUM.

We understand that this update will lead to different numbers for data points like financed emissions that include AUM in their calculations. We believe the benefits of a more intuitive and fund-specific AUM system outweigh the brief period of adjustment required.

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