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Better ISIN Coverage & Accuracy

Before this update, customers would have coverage gaps as a result of ISINs not finding their corresponding companies. We have made some big improvements to this process. We have added support for companies that have multiple identifiers, by introducing an abstraction tier, ensuring more cohesive portfolios. Previously, only one ISIN could map to a company.

This will improve both the coverage and quality of carbon calculations within our customers' portfolios. It also opens to door for supporting additional identifiers like SEDOLs and CUSIPs in the future.

As part of this change, we now retain the customer-provided identifier to align with our outputs what inputs provided, making exports easier to match against inputs provided.

1. Unified Identification for Cross-Exchange and Multi-Identity Companies

Outcome: Companies listed across multiple exchanges or under different identities are now seamlessly identified.

What's Changed: Our tracking system has been upgraded to ensure cohesive identification of companies with diverse listings.

Why It Matters: This enhancement provides a holistic view of company relationships, facilitating more informed decision-making.

2. Diverse Identifier Support for Greater Flexibility

Outcome: Enjoy the freedom to use a variety of identifiers beyond ISINs.

What's Changed: Our reliance on ISINs as the sole identifier has been eliminated, paving the way for a range of identification methods in the future.

Why It Matters: This change aligns with evolving industry practices and caters to your unique identification preferences, enhancing flexibility and usability.

3. Expanded Access to Company Data Through Additional ISINs

Outcome: Access previously unavailable company data using new ISINs.

What's Changed: Our database now includes a broader range of ISINs that were not previously tracked.

Why It Matters: This expanded access enables you to retrieve data for more companies, enriching your research capabilities.

4. Broader Company Coverage for Informed Decisions

Outcome: Our platform now tracks a more extensive selection of companies.

What's Changed: The database restructuring allows us to incorporate a wider array of companies into our tracking system.

Why It Matters: This expansion provides you with more options for analysis and insights, enhancing your decision-making process.

5. Consistent Portfolio Management for Seamless Insights

Outcome: Achieve consistency between uploaded portfolios and returned results.

What's Changed: Our platform now tracks the identifier used in your uploaded portfolios, ensuring alignment with database records.

Why It Matters: This feature guarantees that the data you receive remains coherent and cohesive, enhancing your analysis process.

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