emmi is taking the politics out of emissions.

Providing the stability to manage emissions in an uncertain world.

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Important Disclaimer

emmi is looking to provide a needed solution to the well documented, the UNFCC and multiple climate scientists just to name a few, inaction on climate change by fairly pricing carbon emissions using blockchain technology. emmi takes regulatory compliance seriously and will always endeavour to be compliant with regulations that, in emmi's reasonable view, are relevant.

As a consequence of the uncertain regulatory environment around blockchain technologies in Australia, emmi is not undertaking a typical ICO to fund the development of the platform. emmi is in the process of a private funding round with Wholesale Clients for the purposes of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

If you reasonably believe you are classified as a Wholesale Client and are able to substantiate this please click the Wholesale Client button to learn more.

Alternatively if you are not a Wholesale Client but would like to be kept informed about emmi please click the Subscribe to emmi button. Upon successful development and implementation of the emmi platform announcements will be made.

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17 December, 2018

The solution to deadlocked climate change policy? Decentralised carbon pricing

As carbon emissions continue to increase and the threat of climate change looms ever closer, action is required now more than ever in order to address the problem.




The uncontrolled release of carbon emissions is causing harmful climate change. Everyone is exposed to climate change, however volatile political cycles have caused uncertainty delaying action to decarbonise.

Emitters are realising the need to decarbonise, but lack a stable, trusted and transparent framework to efficiently manage their transition to a low carbon future.

emmi is stepping in to fill the gap, providing a brand new independent, depoliticised and transparent member led global carbon management platform.

emmi will leverage blockchain technology to evolve carbon emissions management into a decentralised solution. Removing the uncertainty and volatility present in previous centrally controlled frameworks.

With certainty and trust restored emmi will help emitters to efficiently decarbonise.

How emmi

Will Work

The decentralised, transparent and incorruptible nature of the blockchain provides the technology to operate a member led carbon management platform.

emmi will allow carbon emissions to be managed independent of the political process. Companies will propose targets and validate their actions by acquitting carbon permits issued in accordance with proposed targets.

Transparent smart contracts on the blockchain will ensure the integrity, transparency and robustness of the system is maintained. Companies will not incur large redistributions of income to a central authority as emmi is a decentralised system.

Not only does emmi provide a framework for companies to efficiently decarbonise, it will also allow companies to streamline their reporting and disclosure activities.

Transitioning to a decarbonised economy is about managing the risks and leveraging the opportunities, the emmi carbon management platform allows companies to do both.

Everyone can be part of the solution to climate change through the adoption of emmi.

Leadership Team

Michael Lebbon

Michael Lebbon / Co-Founder

Michael has over 10 years’ experience in the climate finance and carbon trading industry. Being a CFA® charterholder Michael has been able to combine his financial skills with his passion around action on climate change to use markets and finance to deliver real carbon emission reductions.

Michael has a wealth of knowledge and experience across the climate finance and carbon trading industry, this includes creating and trading the first Australian Carbon Credit Unit under Australia’s Clean Energy Future policy through to helping guide industry led carbon trading policies.

Discussions with various blockchain experts led Michael to realise that central governments were no longer the key to achieving real action on climate change, rather a truly distributed solution was possible. Out of these discussions emmi was born.

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Michael Molitor

Michael Molitor / Co-Founder

Michael Molitor has 35 years experience in carbon management from positions in academia [University of California, Columbia University] and business.  Dr. Molitor was a senior adviser on the BP climate change team, the Global Leader of Climate Change Services at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and the senior adviser on climate change at McKinsey.

He is currently the Chairman of Uniti a company designing and building autonomous electric vehicles for urban use.

Through his extensive experience in the industry Michael has built deep networks across a diverse spectrum of large emitters. These networks and contacts will help to onboard early adopters, enabling emmi to launch with early traction.

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Chris Weddle

Chris Weddle / Chief Technical Officer

Founder of PAC Blockchain and WorldWeb, Chris has held the position of Technical Director for over 19 years. Chris will lead the technical development of emmi.

In this time, Chris has been integral in the success and growth of franchise groups, enterprises, and government branches. With an appetite for digital and information technology, Chris keeps himself immersed and informed of new technologies and develops strategies for implementation. This forward thinking has been essential in assisting many businesses to grow by maximising the opportunity afforded through digital solutions.

Chris’s experience at WorldWeb saw the creation of Quanta Platform – an e-commerce platform which processes more than $25m annually. Chris’ indepth understanding of key software requirements and ability to deliver on large projects will help him to lead the technical development of emmi.

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