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Identify global carbon risk exposure for any company or portfolio.

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$43 Trillion

Value at risk of climate change to manageable assets


Number of listed companies compatible with net-zero


Emmi universe coverage of securities 


Portfolio-level coverage

The Emmi Way

The problem with carbon is that it hasn't been possible to integrate it into financial decision making. That is, until now.

Climate and finance blended together?
Tell me more.

The worlds of climate and finance haven't traditionally been very good at talking with each other.
In fact, for too long, they've spoken completely different languages.

What happened as a result? Our need to reduce emissions was pit against our ability to make money.
And without building a shared language, existing ratings, products and black box metrics have only reinforced the disparity.

Emmi bridges the worlds of climate and finance together.

We make them part of the same conversation.

Accessible and flexible infrastructure

We build accessible and scalable infrastructure to blend the worlds of carbon and finance together.

Creating multiple access points

We create multiple access points for customers to engage with and create value in our infrastructure.

Making access simple and modular

We design modular building blocks so customers can group these access points to solve their problems.

Carbon curious?

Discover the power of our carbon financial infrastructure with Carbon Intelligence. 


Easy would have been designing a single model to do this.

But when your plan is to service every future carbon model, easy just ain't going to cut it. So we designed the internet for carbon. 
Our carbon architecture revolutionises how carbon and financial data is stored, shared and used. By bringing together data from multiple sources, it creates a network of readily applicable insights to guide the transition to net zero.
Source and predict carbon
We calculate scope 1, 2 & 3 emissions for every listed company. We fill the gaps with machine learning for those that don't provide it themselves
Aggregate climate and finance data
With an in house climate science team, we source the latest science and data to keep on top of what the world needs to do.
Build and maintain carbon calculation engine
We've built seamless data pipelines that harness the power of our infrastructure for ease of customer access.
Deploy data infrastructure
We know the importance of adding data at scale. That's why we've created flowing data highways via APIs so new data can always be added.

What's the point of infrastructure if you can't access it?

Investors aren't data scientists.
They're not climate scientists either.

So it only makes sense that you shouldn't need an engineering or climate degree to harness the power of carbon financial infrastructure.

That's why we built multiple access points to allow investors to create immediate value from our infrastructure.

  • Our algorithms are super powerful

    We created an algorithmic system that can do enormous alculations at scale. This means you can get the deep insights you need. And fast.

  • Designed to scale.

    Our powerful back end infrastructure means we can slice and dice these insights in a million different ways.

  • Simple, effective software.

    No one has time for uber complexity. That's why we've designed our technology platform to be simple yet effective, so you can spend your time doing what matters most.


The true meaning of carbon accessibility

Our carbon building blocks allow you to group our access points to leverage the power of our infrastructure in simple but meaningful ways.

  • The height of flexibility

    Our flexible and fully customisable technology products ensure you only see what you need to see when it comes to your portfolio's relationship with carbon.

  • The carbon brains trust

    Technology is one thing. But to truly demystify carbon, we know that our knowledge library of frameworks, toolkits and explainers will really bring our platform alive.

  • The carbon journey is a shared one

    Don't know where to start? You're not alone. Our implementation service is here to assist with everything from strategy formation to choice of bespoke metrics.


Who says money can't grow on trees?

Explore how with Carbon Intelligence.