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Emmi now covers 40,000 companies globally

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

We have upgraded our universe coverage from 3,000 companies to a whopping 40,000. Our coverage now encompasses all major regions, sectors and indexes. This now means we are one of the widest coverage providers of carbon risk out there!

Emmi carbon data 1.0 is released!

Over the past six months, the Emmi data team in partnership with the University of Otago has been working on developing world-class carbon emissions predictions models, enabling us to estimate carbon risk for companies that don't report emissions (which is the vast majority of companies).

We are very excited to share that our first roll-out of Emmi carbon predictions are released and is part of the new platform. Most of the big increase in carbon risk coverage is due to our emissions modeling estimates.

As part of this, we have a built an uncertainty framework and trust metric for our clients. We will be sharing much more on this soon, but if you would like to know more about how we did it, reply to this email and I'm happy to take you through it.

New Emmi app domain

To make it easier for our customers, the Emmi product is now found under the company domain at

Introducing Folders – a better way to organise

We know how much investors like structure, so we’ve built out folders for you to bucket your companies and funds. This allows you to better delineate between portfolios (multi fund) and funds (single managers) to better manage your data and ensure you can easily access your insights. Check out the quick product tour video below to see folders in action!

New quicker and better portfolio tool

Allowing for folders, we've released an easier tool for you to upload or build portfolios. The new portfolio tool also performs much quicker - in a matter of seconds you will be able to analyse your portfolios. As a guide, Becka from Emmi has created a short video tutorial on how to use the new portfolio tool here.

See how insights change over time

For any company you can now search and select any year between 2015-2020. Look at the corporate universe across years easily by just selecting the year you’d like to look at within our corporate universe tool. See how sector, geography or universe averages and best performers have changed over time.

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