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How does Emmi compare to MSCI on Climate?


Emmi is a full-service climate risk analytics company for financial institutions. We focus solely on climate and provide the data, expertise, analytics and insights institutional investors need to manage climate risk and act on their carbon position confidently.


MSCI is most famous for its global equity indices. These indices track the performance of various equity markets and are used by investors and asset managers to benchmark and analyse investment portfolios. In recent years, MSCI has also built the capability for carbon footprinting and climate risk metrics that can be used for portfolio climate analytics tools to help investors. You can read more here.

MSCI Climate and Net-Zero

What sets Emmi apart

  • All of the major financial data providers like MSCI have reasonable coverage of climate data & analytics for public markets ranging from 10,000-16,000 companies. This is good enough for medium-large cap holdings with major indices like the S&P500 or MSCIWorld. At Emmi, we have coverage of 50,000 public companies using our award-winning data models. If you are investor looking for coverage beyond the major indices, Emmi can help.

    For the major financial data providers like MSCI you are limited in coverage to their static databases for fixed income, private equity, infrastructure and property. With tens of millions of holdings across private equity and infrastructure alone, coverage from these major providers is limited in private markets.

    At Emmi, we use award-winning models that gives us unlimited coverage to produce unique customer end-points within fixed income, private equity, infrastructure and property. For a typical Asset Owner, Emmi provides far greater coverage than static data providers like MSCI, particularly in the unlisted/private equity and infrastructure asset classes.

    Fixed Income, Private Equity, Property & Infrastructure

    Public Equity

  • MSCI offer 2 climate scenarios for the data they cover (NGFS). Since they are a fixed data provider, they can’t offer custom scenarios tailored to your investment view.

    Emmi has integrated 10 scenarios for the data we cover. They include 3 IPCC + 6 NGFS + 1 PRI and the ability to customise scenarios on request. If you have a specific house view on the sector budgets or carbon prices used for climate scenario testing, our model infrastructure has complete flexibility to achieve those climate outcomes for your portfolio.

  • All of the major financial data providers like MSCI have built successful businesses in traditional data and metric universe subscriptions for markets. ESG and Climate have become one of the areas where you can add to their existing financial data packages.

    Emmi was built from the ground up by climate and financial experts for investors, as specialist data and analytics is needed to ensure the biggest financial risk currently not priced across markets is properly understood and managed.

  • Emmi provides full service coverage across all major asset classes since our business model is to create and provide unique climate data for the customer - using custom models that align with the customers investment philosophy.

    MSCI has an annual data subscription model, where you match your portfolio to an already existing static but growing data-set. If a holding doesn’t match, it is likely not covered. For public equities, that’s ok - but for Private Equity and Debt, Infrastructure and other asset classes, using static data providers doesn’t give you the flexibility and unique-to-customer analytics needed.

Coverage and Analytics


*As of November 2023, MSCI capabilities shown are taken from their website brochure here.

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