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Financed Emissions (Portfolio Carbon Footprint)

Emmi is co-creating a multi-asset solution that will enable you to calculate the financed emissions of any investment portfolio or loan book. Join our early adopter program to collaborate with major banks and asset owners. Alternatively, sign up for our product waiting list or an introductory chat to help you explore the next step on your climate journey.

We'll help you navigate the entire process

  • Emmi's financed emissions product helps you to understand and meet your obligations:

    • Regulatory disclosure requirements around emissions

    • Alignment to global standards (i.e. PCAF)

  • Get access to Emmi's carbon and finance experts, and our best content + education

  • We’ll coach you through your first calculation exercise

Broad, multi-asset portfolio coverage  

A strong foundation for your carbon journey

  • Calculating financed emissions with Emmi opens the door to developing higher-value carbon use cases:

    • Risk management

    • Transition planning

    • Product creation

    • and more...

Trusted by leading institutional investors

We're built to comply with leading financial standards