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Carbon Diagnostics Pro 

Go one step further and customise your carbon metrics by embedding your own views, forecasts and assumptions to converge on reliable carbon metrics that you feel confident acting on.

Make adjustments to four key factors that influence your carbon liability


For example, you could choose to incorporate the commitments already made by public companies, or overlay a global emissions productivity improvement. 

Carbon Budgets

For example, adjusting how carbon budgets are allocated across industries and geographies, and how this might change over time. 

Pricing and Penalties 

For example, you could adjust the pricing of carbon, who pays it, or how penalties will be enforced.  

Liability Application

For example, you could apply differing assumptions for how carbon expenditures will erode security market value, or which type of emissions effect the liability calculation. 

Using this sophisticated modelling, you’ll own something unique to you that reflects the viewpoints held by your organisation, backed by transparent data and robust analytics.

To feel empowered to act on a carbon metrics, and manage them over time, it has to reflect your views. Emmi provides the tools to customise and forecast the metrics included in our diagnostics product to include your view of the world today, tomorrow and into the future. 


Many factors contribute to calculating carbon metrics so they can sit alongside other financial and business metrics. In this product, you’ll be able to control precisely what modelling is used so you can really explore the issue and arrive at clear, well rationalised numbers for your investment or lending portfolios.

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