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Comprehensive decarbonisation and climate transition risk analysis for any company


Transition Pathway Analysis


Transition Pathway Analysis

Comprehensive decarbonisation and climate transition risk analysis for any company

Do you need to report?  Emmi is all you need to check whether your company has material climate risk for reporting. 


Climate Reporting 

We use reported emissions and reduction targets to assess company climate transition risk.   We supplement Scope 1, 2 or 3 emissions using award-winning emissions models for companies that require accurate footprint estimates.

Company Footprints and Targets

Climate mandates require assessing a companies financial risk across future climate scenarios. At Emmi, we use up to 15 government endorsed scenarios from the IPCC and NGFS. 

Climate Scenario Analysis

We translate company targets with climate scenarios  into financial Value-at-Risk via carbon pricing models. You get a full understanding of maximum downside loss and drivers of risk for any scenario, giving you a complete understanding needed for reporting. 

Climate Value-at-Risk

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Check Your Materiality

Our climate experts will help you understand what is required for climate reporting in your jurisdiction and then take you through our climate materiality analysis so you know exactly whether you need to report. 

Talk with our climate experts

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