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Emmi has built the infrastructure and tools to power clients across the entire financial ecosystem - so they can make the best decisions on carbon risk.

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Our Clients

Asset Managers
Asset managers are responsible for creating value from their investment decisions. Emmi supports asset managers in their quest for risk adjusted returns by providing an additional dimension to evaluate risk and potential mis-pricing opportunities
Asset Owners
Asset owners are stewards of the capital that they manage, responsible for ensuring that all risk and opportunities are evaluated on behalf of their beneficiaries. Emmi helps asset owners to evaluate their exposures and decisions at a portfolio level but also to stay across third parties they delegated to in fulfilling their responsibilities
Investment Consultants
Consultants support their clients on a spectrum of decision making from strategic asset allocation to manager selection and monitoring, often being responsible for client capital in the process. Emmi provides the depth and breadth to advisor to keep across their client, and their own, portfolios and all stages in the investment value chain
As the market operators, corporate action drives the majority of our global emissions. Emmi assists corporate understand their carbon risk exposure, their key drivers and pain points and relative competitive positioning to plot a path to greater carbon efficiency

Is your portfolio a carbon risk?

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