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Major data update coming soon to the Emmi app

We are making some major changes to the emissions modelling and emissions data on the Emmi web app.

  • Emissions data from new machine learning models will replace existing emissions data

  • New emissions nowcast data based on 2022 financials

  • Replacing reported emissions with estimated emissions

Funds and fund holdings won’t be changed, but the emissions modelling is getting a significant upgrade.

The timing of this change will be based on when our data providers complete the 2022 financials data sets for public companies. We expect this to happen within March. We’ll provide customers 5 business days notice when firm timing is lined up.

What’s changing:

Emissions data from new machine-learning models will replace existing emissions data

We are uploading emissions estimates from our New Machine Learning model. Specific companies emissions numbers may increase or decrease. The numbers will definitely be more accurate than our previous model.

To get a feel for how the modelling changes estimates, we have put together an in-depth post on an ASX300 comparison with old vs. new models for estimation.

This is an one-time change that we are making. We are likely to make changes like this less than once a year.

How to communicate changes to the modelling with stakeholders

Our carbon footprint data providers are constantly evolving their estimation models to increase their accuracy. They’re about to make a major change to their modelling, replacing a previous generation of estimation with estimates made from more accurate and sophisticated machine-learning models.
By updating the modelling used, we expect every carbon footprint estimation number to change to some degree. Some may go up, some may go down, but we know that overall, they will be more accurate.

New emissions now-cast data based on 2022 financials

When our data providers finalise their 2022 financial data sets, we will be refreshing the financial data from 2022, and running now-casting of all public companies to get the most accurate estimates of emissions possible.

This is a regular update we expect to make every 6 months, with timing dependant on data arriving from our data providers.

Replacing reported emissions with estimated emissions

A final change with this update: after a change in our data-provider agreement, we are replacing reported emissions data from our data provider with estimated data from the Emmi modelling. This is to reflect a change in our agreement with data providers. If you’re still interested in seeing the reported emissions from companies that report, talk to us about a data-provider onsellers agreement.


Our commitment to improving data accuracy

Emmi is committed to improving the quality and accuracy of our estimations. As such, we always expect changeability in emissions data points in our systems, both historical, and forward looking.

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