Carbon Alpha

Identify global carbon risk exposure for any company or portfolio.

This CMS design tool helps you get the most from the HubSpot COS.

$43 Trillion

Value at risk of climate change to manageable assets


Number of listed companies compatible with net-zero


Emmi universe coverage of securities 


Portfolio-level coverage

Carbon Reporting

Carbon risk exposure portfolio for stakeholders or regulators



Who to report to?

This CMS design tool helps you get the most from the HubSpot COS.

Company Board

Report and disclose how companies are performing to stakeholders

Investment Committee

Report and disclose how your fund or fund managers are performing to stakeholders


The task force for carbon carbon finanical disclosuresare requiring investors to report oncarbon risks in a clear and consie. We are building a TCDF reporting framework to accompany our deep carbon risk analytics

Carbon Reporting

Portfolio carbon risk exposure for stakeholders or regulators

Carbon risk exposure portfolio for stakeholders or regulators



Control your narrative

Create powerful narratives that tell your unique story reflecting your investment strategy, decision-making and sustainability strategy

Customised Reports

Create customised reporting for clients, stakeholders, management or external parties

Drive Engagement

Go further with reporting to drive engagement and education with your audience

Save Time

Build templates that create a company or portfolio report each quarter or annually - saving you time

Who to report to?

Board and Committee

Report and disclose how your fund or fund managers are performing to stakeholders. Evaluate the quality and outcomes of climate related decision making

Monitoring and Compliance

Comply with regulatory guidance using your own custom reports on your carbon risk. Create bespoke metrics and targets to monitoring your, and you third parties, progress against your goals

Member / Client Reporting

Tell your members and clients about the steps taken to the control risk and harness opportunities of the carbon transition

TCFD Reporting

Investors are increasingly required to report on carbon risks in a clear and concise manner. Our TCFD reporting framework allows you to leverage our tools to create your own unique governance, strategy, risk management and metrics approach to align with TCFD guidance

Sustainability and Climate Strategy Reporting
Go beyond the norm and tell a cohesive story regarding how your strategy, beliefs and decision making are impacted by climate considerations, and the actions your have taken to align with that narrative

Is your portfolio a carbon risk?

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Deeper understanding

Carbon Insights allows a deeper more flexible understanding where you can export data for more flexibility whether for a company, fund manager or asset owner

Understand drivers of risk

Drivers of risk can vary by company, country, financial metrics or carbon emissions. Carbon Insights is the essential tool to know where your risk is in your portfolio

Better Integration

Export data and integrate carbon analytics into your systems. Create your own visualisations using our pre-built templates - or build your own integration workflows

Portfolio Breakdowns and Peer Analysis

Scope 1, 2 & 3 risk breakdowns and peer analysis, risk attribution and contribution analysis. Carbon Insights allows you a detailed understanding of portfolio or company level pain points