31 December, 2018

emmi – 2018 and beyond

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As 2018 draws to a close people across the world are coming together to celebrate, join hands, and look forward to what the future may hold. It’s a time of reflection, resolution, and renewal.


Here at emmi, we are no exception. With so much achieved, and so much still to do, we look back at where we’ve come from and consider where we’re going.


2018 has been a rollercoaster. We saw cryptocurrencies leap firmly into the public eye and become a staple of everyday conversation, and we witnessed the effect that such a sudden surge can have on the market. The level of ‘inexperienced’ investing, from those who struggle to differentiate between cryptocurrencies and businesses/frameworks simply powered by blockchain technology, led to some dizzying heights, but also some harrowing lows.


For emmi, the swinging market conditions changed little, if anything. As a carbon pricing and management framework merely utilising the capabilities of the blockchain in order to decentralise and depoliticise climate change policy, we are not a typical cryptocurrency. Our ability to function and work toward our vision of global carbon reduction is not tied into the value of the external crypto market, and while 2018 saw a definite crypto bubble and subsequent burst we remain unaffected and strong as ever.


The sudden surge of interest in cryptocurrency did however increase the level of ‘noise’ we were dealing with on a day to day, and this made operations a little slower and bumpier than ideal. That said, for all the chaff there were some upsides. Speaking on such an enlarged scale, to a greater audience (including prominent industry figures), and being under such intense scrutiny, led to some interesting and insightful conversations. It helped us confirm that everything we’re doing and pushing forward to achieve is above-board and realistic from a regulatory, financial, and operational perspective.


We also learned how important it was to represent ourselves clearly and accurately. With a solution such as ours, which bypasses politics in order to deliver a decentralised, depoliticised carbon pricing platform, it can be easy to appear to anti-government which is simply not the case. emmi’s mission is not to implement climate change policy outside the political forum because we feel that they should have no say in it, but because we believe the nature of the political system itself hinders them from tackling it in the most efficient and effective manner (achieving bipartisan support for anything, let alone something that has become as politicised as climate change, is tricky even at the best of times).


Unfortunately, time is of the essence, and the need for meaningful action toward climate change looms greater by the day. As such, rather than merely sit back, shake our fists, and criticise politicians for failing to solve the problem for us (or at least do so in a swift and determined manner), we decided we’d instead do what we could to help.


Thankfully, we’re not alone.


While political progress remained slow, public interest and support for action against climate change exploded, with major corporations also joining in the call; Shell, BP, Woodside, BHP and Rio were just some of many who made it clear that they believed strongly in the need to reduce carbon emissions, and supported implementation of a carbon price and trading framework in order to do so.


Central banks and corporate regulators also spoke out strongly, stating unequivocally that climate change and carbon risks posed a serious threat to global business and economies.


With such engaged and extremely vocal support from the general population, as well as the corporate and financial sectors, and the unwillingness to wait for governments to provide the solution, the strength and validity of emmi’s argument has only continued to grow, and recognition and acceptance of the emmi platform has followed.


At the beginning of 2018 people told us that carbon management and pricing would only work with a central government mandating it. We challenged that opinion, we stood by our beliefs, and we worked hard to prove our solution was viable. Those same people have now come around to the fact that relying on the status quo is not the only option, and a decentralised platform, one which removes the political deadlock, actually has the ability to deliver what we so desperately need in order to safeguard the future of our planet.


Now, with 2019 approaching, emmi has no doubt this will be the year we revolutionise the approach to climate change policy, deliver a decentralised carbon pricing solution for the world, and finally take meaningful action toward climate change. By depoliticising the debate we will save time we cannot afford to waste, and when governments catch up we will have a robust framework ready and waiting for them, one from which we can work together to achieve even greater action.


Happy New Year and here’s to a decarbonised 2019!