14 January, 2019

How to solve climate change – Think outside the box, take responsibility

The first step to successfully tackling any problem, big or small, is to look past the surface symptoms and instead identify the underlying cause. The reasoning for this is simple; you can treat all the symptoms you like, but if the root of the problem re


31 December, 2018

emmi – 2018 and beyond

As 2018 draws to a close people across the world are coming together to celebrate, join hands, and look forward to what the future may hold. It’s a time of reflection, resolution, and renewal.


17 December, 2018

The solution to deadlocked climate change policy? Decentralised carbon pricing

As carbon emissions continue to increase and the threat of climate change looms ever closer, action is required now more than ever in order to address the problem.


3 December, 2018

How can we get people to care about climate change?

Since ancient times, scientists and scholars have recognised that the state of our environment has a direct impact on our way of life.


26 November, 2018

Tackling climate change, with the help of social media

With the latest reports on climate change delivering troubling conclusions, our environment’s potential future has made a number of recent headlines and thrust itself firmly into the public eye.


20 November, 2018

Climate change – the perfect political football?

Awareness of climate change has been around for decades. Climate change policy in turn has been a matter of governmental debate, and a point of particular political contention, for just as long.


13 November, 2018

Decentralising climate change policy – Why it would work

Historically, governments have played a fundamental role in human society. They’ve been relied upon to represent our ideals and beliefs, protect us from harm, and provide security, stability and trust to initiatives undertaken for our benefit.


6 November, 2018

The shift in the carbon cycle - How responsible are we?

With the subject of climate change becoming increasingly prevalent, and calls to address it growing by the day, it can sometimes be a little difficult to understand why we’ve yet to do so.


30 October, 2018

The psychology behind carbon pricing inaction

As a global community, we’ve been aware of the threat of climate change for decades. We’ve also been able to identify the underlying cause, with the scientific evidence overwhelmingly agreeing that it’s a direct result of human induced carbon emissi


24 October, 2018

Cap-and-trade vs Carbon tax: What’s the difference?

In today’s world it’s widely agreed that human induced carbon emissions are directly responsible for climate change.


17 October, 2018

Climate change is not being solved by centralised Governments - could a decentralised solution help…?

Knowledge of climate change has been around for decades.


9 October, 2018

Are carbon pricing and renewable energy mutually exclusive?

With climate change now widely acknowledged and many calling for action to address it, there are two areas in particular which have become key focal points;


2 October, 2018

We insure our cars, why not our climate?

Although over 97% of the scientific evidence agrees that climate change is a direct result of human induced carbon emissions, there will always be those that focus on the 3%.


28 September, 2018

How can we encourage reduction of carbon emissions? Addressing The Prisoner’s Dilemma

Climate change is a global issue. The damage caused by failing to address it affects us all, and the longer the problem remains the worse it becomes.


12 September, 2018

Carbon pricing – Dispelling the myths

Carbon pricing is a complex topic, and unfortunately whenever you have a difficult subject there inevitably arise some misconceptions.


7 September, 2018

Carbon Pricing Explained

Despite the frequency with which the concept is discussed, when removed from the political forum general understanding of carbon pricing is relatively low.


31 August, 2018

The economic market failure driving climate change

It’s widely accepted that climate change is bad; extreme weather patterns, droughts, and wildfires are all becoming more and more frequent, and none of them do us any real favours. How has this happened...?


22 August, 2018

Political carbon policy - a lost cause that wastes time we don't have

Why the NEG suffered the same fate as all other climate policies