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About Us

Climate Change is Reshaping Finance


Our team has decades of experience in data, finance, investing and climate science - supporting us to build the tools to ensure carbon has its place in every financial decision, allowing markets to unlock its full potential.

Michael Lebbon

Co-Founder & CEO

Dr Ben McNeil

Co-Founder & CIO

Rebecca Bannan

Co-Founder & CCO

Ernest Lie

Co-Founder & CTO

Bethany Fitzpatrick

Operations Manager

Matthew Flower

Client Success & Climate Analyst

Adam Kitto

Data Scientist

Dr Nic Pittman

Data Scientist

Henry Wyld

Carbon Financial Analyst

Harrison Greven

Data Scientist & Engineer 


Our board is comprised of industry leaders in institutional investment and finance.


Tim Samway

Founder and Chairman of multi-award winning Hyperion Asset Management. 


Catherine Brenner

Seasoned non-executive director and corporate advisor with extensive board service serving large listed and private companies


Katherine Wilson

Experienced investor and board member with 12+ years experience funding B2B fintech companies.